We will be constantly expanding our ecosystem to make our SnoopyBabe project as useful as possible and our community grow!

SnoopyBabe TON Tools

We have developed and are launching SnoopyBabe TON Tools. Our bot will be useful for all investors in the TON network. Investors will be able to receive customizable price change alerts to make a timely decision to sell or buy. It will also add a useful Security Check (Audit) function : LP Locked check, and other important contract functions. Additionally we will integrate Telegram Wallet into SnoopyBabe TON Tools and that will allow investors to buy and sell directly in our bot. In the future we will add SnoopyBabe Sniper TON Bot feature that will allow to quickly find new projects in TON network and make profitable deals for investors at an early stage. SnoopyBabe TON Tools will be a separate ecosystem within our main ecosystem.

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