🎰SnoopyBabe Play

Connect your wallet and enjoy a variety of fun, simple, and verifiably random on-chain games where you can potentially win SOL, SBABE, USDC!

Solana blockchain gaming platform

  • Fast and cheap transactions

  • All SnoopyBabe games in our "Play" section uses a verifiable randomized game protocol on the chain, Gamba. Therefore, everything is completely clear and safe

  • Fully Decentralized - No need for verification and KYC, connect your wallet WEB3 and play

Supported Game Types


Use the slider to pick a number, then roll below that number to win. Lower numbers will increase your potential payout, while higher ones are safer.


Play and pray. At the top of the slot machine you can see your potential rewards. Always fair.


Pick Heads or Tails. Double your money or go broke. Simple as.



Guess if the next card is going to be higher or lower than the current one. Continue until you want to cash out!


There's money hidden beneath the squares. The reward will increase the more squares you reveal, but watch out for the 5 hidden mines. Touch one and you'll go broke. You can cash out at any time.


A miniature version of Roulette. WYSIWYG!

How to Use SnoopyBabe Play

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